Upload via Web Browser

You can upload one, or multiple files to the FileShoppe service quickly and easily via your favourite web browser such as Firefox.

  1. Once logged into the FileShoppe Manager, click 'Web Upload'.
    Upload via Browser

  2. Select a file to upload. Just click on 'Choose File' or 'Browse' (some browsers may display this differently).

  3. Set the price for your file in US cents. A price of 0 will make the file freely available.
    You do not need to worry about entering your merchant ID as this should already be entered for you as it is stored in our database. The merchant ID used is displayed above the upload box. You can check to make sure the ID is still valid.

  4. To upload more than 1 file, click 'More Files' and repear step 2 and 3 as necessary.

  5. Agreed to the terms and conditions

  6. Hit the 'UPLOAD' button, and wait for the upload to complete.

Once your upload has completed, you will be taken to the 'codes' page where you can see different codes and links for you to embed onto your website, within E-Mails, forums, or even social networking sites like Facebook.

You should now be able to see your newly uploaded files in 'My Files'.

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Upload via FTP

As a registered FileShoppe content provider, you can upload quickly and easily via FTP.

  1. Once logged into the FileShoppe Manager, click 'FTP'.

  2. Select a server to upload to. It is generally best to select the server nearest to you.

    You will see a number of boxes displaying a country flag and the name of the server (see below).
    No pending transfers screen shot
    In the above example, you can see the name of the server is ''. The flag indicates the country of which the server is located in.

  3. In your favorite FTP client, enter the server name as the address/host, and use the username and password used for the Manager.

  4. Once logged into the FTP server, you can begin uploading.

  5. Once uploaded, refresh the page 'FTP', and you should see the newly uploaded files. Now you can set the price (in US cents).

    Only 20 files are displayed at a time. By clicking the 'Publish All' button, only the files displayed on the page will be published. You can therefore only publish 20 files at a time.
    Pending transfers screen shot

  6. Once you have set your file's prices, click the 'Publish all from' button.

You should now be able to see your newly uploaded files in 'My Files'.

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Managing published files

You can easily manage your published files using the FileShoppe Manager. You can organize your files into folders, create sub folders, delete files and folders, and view file statistics.

File Manager

The grey box displays folder information functions. The top line displays the current folder and it's full path. The second line displays the folders within the current folders (no sub folders in the above example). The third line contains functions such as create a new folder and search for files.

Files are displayed below the grey box. Only files within the current folder as displayed. 50 files are displayed per page.

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